Basic Information Regarding K-3 Visa By Using Morevisas Reviews

Information-Regarding-K3-Visa-By-Using-Morevisas-Reviews During these days, the US immigration laws permit the non-citizen spouses of the US citizen in order to get authorized entry into the country with the help of K-3 visa; it will wait for the settlement of a form I-130 petition for a foreign relative. You know, based on the morevisas Chennai review K-3 visas permit the holder to authentically stay in the US with the help of non-immigrant status and to get the job authorization, so the individual can able to work in the US.

Meanwhile, the K-3 visa provides so many essential opportunities for the non-citizen children and spouses of US individual, its application process is instinctive and the visa itself contains some of the notable limitations. If you want to know more details then, log in to morevisas Chennai review.

Important Steps to apply for K-3 visa

The following the necessary steps, that you must keep in mind while you are applying this kind of visa

  • Be Careful about eligibility requirements

The K-3 visa for their spouse must meet certain needs. Vital requirements are the non-citizen visa candidate should be the citizen’s authentically and qualified spouse. The candidate should have a form I-130, Petition for a foreign relative, being pended. If any children who are seeking to get K-3 visa status should be unmarried, under the age of 21 and the child of a certified K-3 candidate.

  • File Form I-130 for Spouse

Ensure that the form should be submitted with valid documents in order to certify that, the petitioner is a US individual and any of the relatives for whom an I-130 is currently filed is relevant to the petitioner. So it is better to go via morevisas Chennai review to view the USCIS website for a list of allowable documents and finally you should pay the filing payment.

  • File Form I-129F petition for foreign Fiancee

Ensure that, once the Notice of Action for spouse I-130 is acquired, and then the citizen must file an extra form, that is I-129F. The name of this kind of form is confusing, even though it is called the Petition for Foreign Fiancée, its need for an actually married spouse as well.

According to the Morevisas reviews, the I-129F needs the original I-797 Notice of Action accepted after the I-130 form was filed. If the USCIS qualifies the 129-F form, then it will be forwarded to the State Department consular for further processing.

  • Start to apply for a K-3 visa

You must ensure, after the completion of the I-130 and I-129F forms, the foreign spouse must collect a letter from a US consulate offering instruction in order to schedule a necessary visa interview to a US embassy in their country. In case, if the intended country doesn’t have a consulate, the interview is done by the consulate of nearby countries. Ensure that the alien spouse must utilize the time before the interview to collect necessary documents and completed a necessary medical examination.

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