When Actually You Need Bank Statements In Order To Apply For Russian Visa

Apply-For-Russian-VisaIn the current days, a number of countries are opening their doors to the immigrants. This is the main reason why many people around us are considering starting their new life and career in another country of their choice. This is indeed really an attractive option for your needs.

It’s pretty well-known fact that, a visa is mandatory to move to another country. This process is quite complex as well as daunting for your needs. It’s really not so simple to get your visa application processed. If you are applying via online, make it a point to go through morevisas reviews and proceed further.

For some people applying for a visa via online is quite complicated as well as confusing. If you are not aware of the process of applying through online, get the assistance of immigration consultants to process your visa application. Don’t do it on your own and mess up with the things. When applying online if you are not aware whether the site you have chosen is trustworthy or not, view thoroughly through morevisas reviews before moving ahead.

Tips to get Russian visa

If you are planning to move to Russia either for your education or for work, you are supposed to provide bank statements and other supporting documents which you may need to provide to get a Russian visa. Obviously, it’s quite complicated and daunting task as well. To know more about these procedures, go through morevisas reviews.

If you hold a British passport, then it’s quite easy and straightforward task to get a Russian visa. All that you are supposed to submit is Russian tourist visa, valid passport, one photo and a valid tourist voucher.

If you are having EU passport and residing in the UK, then you need to prove that you have been residing in the UK for more than 3 months. This is one of the most important criteria which need to be observed in order to get a Russian visa. In order to confirm your residency in Russia is through getting a residence card from the Russian home office. If you are short of time to arrange all these documents, still there are two other ways to work out this.

The first way is through submitting your employment letter which in turn confirms that you have been working and living in the UK for at least 3 months. On the other hand, if you are self-employed and can’t produce company letter, then you need to provide bank statements for previous months showing your full name and current UK address. If you do online banking then you can take a print out copy of that and submit it for visa processing.

If you have stayed less than 3 months in the UK or can’t able to provide living proof for more than 3 months in the UK, then you need to apply for a UK visa from your home country. Go through morevisas reviews to know more about visa processing application to Russia.

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    I’m from Chennai, my doubt is can i move to Russia and do job there. If yes, then how do i check my eligibility to apply?

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